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Do you own a property that you’d like to sell or rent out? Whether it’s a house or an apartment, the first thing you need to know is how much you could get from selling or renting it.

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  • Estate agents have a wealth of local knowledge and are used to taking the more subjective factors into consideration, such as location, orientation, room layout, natural light, property condition, proximity to public transport, shops and schools, quality of life in the area, privacy, visual and noise pollution and more. They can also suggest ideas for potential developments or extensions and assess the need for renovation works or corrective maintenance.
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    Estate agents estimate the value of your property based on all criteria that could influence the value either upwards or downwards. The agent’s valuation report combines their own local knowledge with the theoretical data used by online calculators to establish the market value and intrinsic value of the property.

    This is the theoretical value based on property size, number of façades, bedrooms and bathrooms, plot size and a price comparison based on the local property market.

  • As well as providing a more accurate estimate of the value, this valuation is free of charge and with no obligation. Then the agent’s professionalism comes into play, as they devote all their energy to achieving their estimated sale or rental value. If you decide to take the plunge, an agent is best placed to highlight the advantages and reassure potential buyers or renters if they mention any issues when viewing the property.

So, in summary, you should choose the most suitable valuation method for your situation. If you just want a rough idea of the likely value of your property, online tools should be fine. However, if you’re looking to sell or rent in the near future and you need to know the true market value of your property, the only person who can really help is an estate agent. They can also offer a fast turnaround.

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